JBounce IRC Bouncer

JBounce is an IRC-bouncer written in Java. It can be protected on usermask and password basis. IPv4 and IPv6 are supported by default, so it may well be used as a gateway to an IPv6 IRC-server from a client that has no IPv6-support.

An IRC-bouncer is much like a proxy server for IRC. Instead of connecting directly to an IRC-server, clients can connect through the bouncer. The bouncer, in turn, connects to the IRC-server, and passes through all the messages between the client and the server.


For using this program, you need:
This software has been tested on Linux only, connecting with both IPv4 and IPv6 clients and servers.

Version history

Version 1.0-pre1

The current pre-release and only public release as of yet. The program works, but some improvements would be more than nice.

Not ready:

Download and installation

The files at the bottom of this page contain the bouncer's source code or the compiled files. Just download the binary if you don't need to modify the program. To compile the sources you need a standard J2SE 1.4 or better and the apache's ant.

Right-click and choose save to download the file(s) you want. On *nix, extract the files with tar zxf jbou
nce-x.x-xxx.tar.gz. On windows, use any compatible tool for windows, like WinZIP or WinRAR to extract the

To run the bouncer, follow these steps: